The Carnism Awareness Task Force Takes Flight

The Carnism Awareness Task Force is up and running, having been approved by the First Universalist Church of Denver’s Social Justice Council on December 5, 2011. We are excited about the prospects, but still working on the groups initial goals. There is so much work that can be done that we are mindful of focusing on those areas where we are likely to have a measurable impact. Some things that make this task force different include its being a “virtual” model, where volunteers can complete important activities from their home or office, thus avoiding the necessity of holding regular formal meetings. While face-to-face contact is always desirable, we are trying to be conscious of the limited “free” time most of us have owing to other obligations of both a personal and business nature.

Another aspect that makes us unique is that we will be studying, analyzing and then developing strategies that can be used to increase the level of sensitivity and awareness in others without becoming confrontational. Our approach is an educational one and takes into account that we are dealing with people from all levels of the socioeconomic spectrum, as well as people who learned or adopted eating patterns that are not likely to change overnight. We adhere to the UUA Statement of Conscience that recognizes that individual circumstances do vary and that our goals are to aspire to being better. In the words of Syd Baumel, “Ethical eating, like ethical living, is not about absolutes. It’s about doing the best you’re willing and able to do – and nurturing a will to keep doing better.”

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