Make your New Year’s Resolution and ethcial one.

As we approach the end of another year we are often faced with the ubiquitous parties, dinners and other gathering where food is served. For many this is the time they pack on the extra pounds that become part of a New Year’s resolution to shed. It is also a time that we see an increase in offerings of bacon, hams and turkeys on the plates in front of us. Let’s not forget that these were once living creatures who probably endured a life of suffering and abuse before their final journey to the plate. I commonly hear: “I don’t know and I don’t want to know” when I ask someone if they are aware of what they are really eating. But distancing ourselves from the problem only makes it worse. Animals cannot speak for themselves and the government is not about to stand up for sentient beings who don’t pay taxes or vote. Laws that were supposedly enacted to prevent animal cruelty rarely work, and certainly don’t work when it comes to factory farmed animals. And let us not forget that the problem is much bigger than just the animals. The laborers who raise and kill the animals endure lives of stress and injury, the excrement produced by the animals is fouling our air and polluting our water, there are clear and unquestionable links between eating animals and developing certain forms of cancer, and the antibiotics routinely administered to factory famed animals is rendering those same drugs ineffective in combating human illnesses. When someone claims “they don’t want to know” they are ignoring a problem that is really right in front, and all around them.  Please reflect carefully upon this, and consider giving up, or at least significantly minimizing the consumption of animals in the coming year. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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