Ninety-Five – No Voice Unheard

Through arrangements with No Voice Unheard we are pleased to present select stories from Ninety-Five, a collection of stories and photographs by farm animal rescuers, caregivers and animal lovers. The book’s title reflects the average number of animals that can be spared each year by following a vegan diet.

Far from the unthinking, unfeeling beings they are often portrayed as, the animals in Ninety-Five reveal themselves to be as distinctive as the dogs and cats with whom many of us share our homes: complex creatures with remarkable personalities, depth, emotions, quirks, relationships and individuality.

From Justice, the steer who broke out of a truck on the way to the slaughterhouse and who is now the self-appointed “greeter” at his sanctuary, to Gilly, a small white hen rescued from a factory egg farm who found quiet happiness in a loving home, each animal has a compelling story that will captivate. Beautiful photos complement, allowing us the chance to get up close and personal, and to look into their eyes – the “windows of the soul” – and see the extraordinary spark of life they hold.

We will be featuring a different animal each week, so come back often.

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