Hunt of a Lifetime or Senseless Murder?

Is it just me, or is there something tragically ironic about an organization called Hunt of a Lifetime helping terminally ill children fulfill their fantasy of shooting and killing harmless animals. Could it be some subliminal Schadenfreude; “If my life is going to be cut short, at least I can find joy in knowing some other being has suffered too.”

Please don’t misunderstand me, I feel for any child, and for anyone else for that matter, whose life is going to be cut short by an illness or disease, and who may want to fill his or her own bucket list, but it doesn’t make sense that a creature that could otherwise enjoy the sun, air and community of fellow creatures should be deprived of its life to satisfy another’s fantasy.

According to Hunt of a Lifetime: “The most common hunting request is white-tailed deer. We do get some requests for mountain lion hunts, turkey, bear and other animals. Whatever the child requests to hunt, we try our best to arrange it.” The hunting excursions are provided at no cost to a terminally ill child and a parent. “Everything is provided by Hunt of a Lifetime; the airline tickets, food lodging, hunting equipment, licensing and even the weapon.”  “After the hunt, taxidermy is provided free.”

If I were the parent of a child who died too soon I don’t think I would want to commemorate the loss by having a dead animal hanging on my wall. I think I would remember my loss well enough without it.

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