A Pig in a Poke? Factory Farm Owners in Iowa Want to Keep it That Way

A bill sitting on the desk of Iowa’s governor would effectively hide animal cruelty and inhumane practices for good. If passed, HF 589 would effectively stop whistleblowing by making it a crime for someone to gain access to a factory farm under false pretenses, for example applying for a job, when the person’s true intent was to expose the horrendous conditions and treatment under which the animals are raised.

Such a law would effectively prevent organizations like Peta and the Humane Society of the United States from going undercover to document what the factory farm industry claims is not happening. If the Iowa law passes, factory farms would basically be given the green light to carry out abuse with impunity.

Past undercover operations have exposed such atrocities as beating, kicking and abusing animals, leaving injured animals to die in misery, and tossing live unwanted animals into trash bins and piles. Undercover operations have also exposed dangerous working conditions and exploitation of workers as well.

If this law passes the result will be that the only thing transparent about Iowa factory farms is the clear plastic used to wrap the animal parts for display in the meat section of the supermarket.

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