Chipotle – Going Back to the Start

Both factory farm and agricultural farm workers that work for large corporations often endure horrendous conditions, are exposed to toxins, have little or no health benefits and rarely have any job security.

Along comes Chipotle, who touts its meat comes from non-factory farmed animals. Its website states “Food with integrity is our commitment to finding the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment and the farmers.” So why is Chipotle refusing to sign the Campaign for Fair Food agreement that would give workers an extra penny per pound of tomatoes harvested. After all, even McDonald’s and Taco Bell have signed the agreement.

Chipotle really hasn’t given a straight answer as to why it won’t sign, and that’s too bad considering a lot of people believe Chipotle’s is a healthy alternative to the other fast food chains. Their recent “I’m Going Back to the Start” TV ad showed a company that seemed to care about how the animals were raised and treated, but it appears when it comes to humans, the start they are referring to is pre-1865, back when slavery was legal.

Consumers always have the opportunity to vote with their forks. We shouldn’t be supporting corporations that don’t treat their workers fairly.

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