Burger King Takes a King Size Step

You won’t find us promoting fast food chains but we do have to acknowledge that “The King” has recently pledged to only purchase cage-free pork and eggs, which will make Burger King meals a bit easier to swallow.

Fast food establishments rely on inexpensively raised animals such as cows, pigs, chickens and even fish, and in order to keep production costs down and profits up, many of the farmed animals face a life of utter cruelty. Not only are they confined to small cages, sometimes without even room to turn around, but chickens have their beaks seared off, pigs have their teeth broken off and their tails docked (cut off), cows have their horns burned off and are branded, and this is all without anesthesia.

Burger King has announced that by 2017 all of its eggs and pork will be “cage-free.” This doesn’t however, mean that the chickens will be free to roam on the range or that pigs can wallow in the mire, only that they will have a bit more room to move around in. And there is no word about the cows that provide the beef or the fish that provide the fillet.

While we are thankful that some factory farmed animals will have things a bit better, at the end of the day they are still being slaughtered and there is no evidence that cage-free pigs will be slaughtered more humanely, if such a thing is possible.

Passing the arches and heading for the King might be the better choice, but the best choice is to give up or significantly limit the amount of meat you eat.

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