Illinois EPA Says it’s OK to Pollute Waterways – For a Fee

You would think that dumping animal waste into our waterways would be a crime, and it is, but only if you don’t have the permit to do it.

A proposed Illinois law would split Confined Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs, into three permit groups based on the number of animals involved. For operations with 1,000 or more animals, the cost is on $750, between 300 and 999, just $350, and under 300 animals a mere $150.

And what does that permit money pay for? It’s supposed to help pay for agency monitoring to make sure that, well, CAFO operators are not polluting our waterways. Huh?

Our waterways are already laced with enough hormones, antibiotics, and harmful bacteria. Common sense would say that dumping  animal waste in the waterways is just plain unhealthy. We don’t permit dumping of humane waste, so why would we want to do it with animal waste? Maybe because the government can charge for it.

All this serves to remind us that the government is not acting in the best interests of the people it is supposed to protect and serve. As is often repeated, the only way to stem this problem is to stop eating animals or, if you must eat animals, buying from small farms where animals are raised as God intended, free to roam, forage and socialize.

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