Something Fishy in your Fish

The factory fish industry claims eating fish is healthy for you, but is it? When we buy fish at the market we have this Pollyanna idea that the fish were swimming free in the ocean one minute before they were caught and delivered to us fresh and pure, as if we had reeled them in ourselves.

Our idea of how animals are raised is fueled, in part, by factory farm propaganda. We see contented cows, wallowing pigs, roaming chickens and leaping fish. But the truth about how these animals are raised is hard to swallow and factory farm owners know it. Fish are not immune. They too are laced with pesticides, antibiotics and hormones and fed chemicals to alter the color of their flesh, making it more appealing. A factory farmed salmon only has a salmon color because it was added – not because it came naturally.

What do you think fish eat? The heavily government subsidized soy industry sells the same genetically modified crop that many people don’t want to eat to factory fish farmers, hoping the public won’t find out that the same food they tried to avoid is clandestinely finding its way back into their diet in the form of fish.

Soy is not a food fish normally eat, after all, it doesn’t grow in the sea. And because it is not a natural food, the fish eating it produce more waste then they otherwise would, further polluting our oceans.

When you purchase food raised on factory farms, be it land or sea, you are contributing to the problem that ranges from animal cruelty to environmental degradation. Factory farm owners are counting on the public’s apathy and indifference. They are counting on you.

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