Got Milk – Subsidies?

Would it surprise you to learn that between 1995 and 2011 our government spent over $4 billion of your dollars paying for subsidies to factory farms producing milk. Don’t drink milk or eat cheese? Too bad, you’re helping to pay for those who do.

Like corn and soy, the government allows milk “farmers” to sell their produce for far less than it actually costs them to produce it. Apparently our government wants to make sure that genetically modified crops as well as hormone and antibiotic laced milk is affordable for everyone. Thanks Uncle Sam.

So we know the cost of milk is much higher than we pay for it, but do you know its true cost? Cows can only produce milk if they are female and pregnant, so factory farmed diary cows are continually inseminated and live for about three years before they are no longer profitable, i.e. start drying up, at which time it’s off to the slaughterhouse.

Female offspring will face the same fate as their moms, while males, being of no value to a dairy farmer, are sold off while only a few weeks old and killed to make veal. It’s a cruel, inhumane and miserable life, no matter how you look at it.

Of course the milk industry tries to whitewash all of this. We see happy, healthy kids and families who drink milk, despite the fact that a human child should get its milk from a human mother, and only until it is old enough to be weaned, about three years or so. Older than that and kids really don’t need milk, nor do their parents. There are plenty of plant-based vegetables and nuts that can fill all of our calcium needs, without all the fat, hormones, antibiotics and cruelty. Think about it.

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