Inorganic Valley

It was only a matter of time before Big Ag’s vile tentacles eased their way into the organic food business, possibly rendering the term “organic” as meaningless as “natural.” When we hear the brands Organic Valley, Whole Foods and Earthbound Farms we think “They must be standing up for healthy quality ‘natural’ foods, right?” Well actually, no.

These once respected companies have jumped in bed with General Mills and Campbell’s Soup, and they all are attempting to redefine what organic means. Ammonium nonanoate, a chemical herbicide, sounds benign doesn’t it? No? Well Organic Valley and the others think it’s OK to put it in your food, along with as many as 250 other nonorganic ingredients, such as docosahexzeonic acid algae oil.

Regrettably only a small number of remaining companies, Eden, Amy’s, Lundberg Family Farms and a few others still hold the belief that organic means unadulterated, pure and safe. These companies have greater concern for a quality product than a quantity of return on sales.

Sadly what we eat is no longer up to us, the agricultural industry now controls our diet whether we want it to or not. There has never been a time to plant your own garden, but don’t forget about supporting those too few companies that still believe in a safe product.

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