Smoking Cigarettes – Smoked Ham

It took years, and hundreds of studies, before our government took the threat of both smoking and secondhand smoke seriously. In the interim, too many people had to suffer and die needlessly. History is repeating itself. Despite an unquestionable link between the consumption of animals and cancer (as well as other life-threatening illness), it may be years before our government is willing to admit that conclusive evidence exists, and then take the necessary action to protect the public from harm.

Unfortunately, in the interim, a lot of people will suffer and die and taxpayer dollars will be spent to treat illnesses that would otherwise have been avoidable if people had truthfully been informed about the dangers of eating animals, just as they are now being warned about the dangers of tobacco and smoking.

Similar to smoking, it is not just those who eat animals who are affected. Studies have shown that workers in factory farms and slaughterhouses have higher rates of cancer and other diseases believed to be the result of inhaling gases from animal waste as well as particulate matter. Antibiotics used to prevent (not treat) infections and increase animal weight have conclusively been linked to the creation of super strains of bacteria. These strains, which are infecting humans, are now resistant to the majority of antibiotics that previously could combat them. And greenhouse gas emissions created by factory farming, as well as waste runoff from factory farms, pollutes our air and water.

It is only a matter of time before lawsuits are filed against animal producers who, fully aware that the products they are selling can cause cancer and other diseases, have failed to put warning labels on the animal products being sold on store shelves. Like smoking, it will only be a matter of time before eating animals is looked upon as disgusting and those who continue to eat animals will be secluded in a separate section of restaurants. Hopefully insurance companies will rise to the occasion and charge higher premiums for meat eaters to offset the additional medical costs of illness related to animal consumption.

Unfortunately, for the moment, our government is simply allowing the disaster to unfold. As with smoking, it will require thousands, if not millions of deaths before any action is taken. In the meantime, try to increase your consumption of plant based foods. There is no evidence whatsoever that eating broccoli is harmful to your health.

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