A Tarnished Crown – Burger King Busted

Last April we found ourselves, reluctantly, congratulating Burger King for its commitment to begin purchasing pigs and eggs from chickens that were not raised in confined cages. But there’s been a lot of tarnish on the crown since then.

It was recently revealed that Burger King is purchasing its cheese products from Bettencourt Dairies of Wendell, Idaho, where undercover videos (Warning: Highly Disturbing) showed employees “viciously beating cows, and repeatedly shocking a downed cow and dragging her by her neck, and sick and injured cows suffering from open wounds, broken bones, and infected udders left to suffer without proper veterinary care” according to Mercy for Animals who exposed the abuse.

In typical corporate fashion, and as in the past, Burger King executives claimed shock and dismay as they scurried to distance themselves: “Burger King Worldwide does not tolerate or condone cruelty to animals. As part of our animal welfare commitment, we require that all suppliers and their vendors adhere to our vendor code of ethics.” Burger King is savvy enough to know that asking the factory farm industry to police itself doesn’t work. What factory farm wouldn’t claim it will play by the rules when a whopper of a contract is involved?

The fast food industry is focused on profits; not on what is healthy for you, the environment or the animals that give up their lives so you can have a Triple Whopper, fries and a sugar laden beverage. With convincing studies showing this type of diet leads to diabetes type 2, and developing evidence that this type of diet can also be causing Alzheimer’s, what is the justification for poisoning your body or your brain?

You can de-throne the King by eating elsewhere. An animal just might thank you.

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