More Butterball Abuses – Turkeys not thankful

Being a factory farmed a turkey is tough enough. You live in cramped quarters where you can hardly move, stand in your own excrement, have limited fresh air and are not taken care of if you become sick.

Being a Butterball turkey is even worse. An undercover video by Mercy for Animals (again) showed:

“workers kicking and stomping on birds, dragging them by their fragile wings and necks, and maliciously throwing turkeys onto the ground or on top of other birds; birds suffering from serious untreated illnesses and injuries, including open sores, infections, and broken bones; and workers grabbing birds by their wings or necks and violently slamming them into tiny transport crates with no regard for their welfare.”

This isn’t the first time Butterball and its suppliers have come under scrutiny. There is a sordid history of this behavior, one that is apparently tolerated by Butterball, despite its claim that it has a “zero tolerance policy for animal abuse.”

Like most (all?) factory farming operations, Butterball’s policy is to close the barn door after the fire. They claim they are taking corrective action, but we never hear about preventative action, and why would we? Does anyone actually think a Butterball executive could stomach visiting one of its producers and seeing what really goes on?

You can help tell Butterball that you won’t participate in animal cruelty by not buying its turkey products. Better yet, don’t eat animals.

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