Burger King Meats Mr. Ed

Some of our older readers will remember the TV comedy, Mr. Ed, about a horse that could talk. Part of the show’s jingle was “A horse is a horse of course, of course.” Apparently, Burger King wasn’t listening when Ed was talking, because Ed wound up in some of the king’s burgers.

Now this occurred in Britain, but how can anybody be sure that it’s not happening here in the United States as well? People are regularly reporting all sorts of strange things turning up in their fast food.

Let’s face it, Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s (and there are others besides the big three) are going to buy from the lowest cost suppliers they can find, and in order to be competitive, those suppliers might try to throw anything into the grinder that they can get away with. It certainly happened in this case.

The real point here is not that the King got caught with his crown down, but rather that we have no way of knowing what we are eating when we consume fast food. In addition to strange contents, there are often hormones and antibiotics, things we as humans don’t want or need, but you won’t find a disclosure anywhere.

If you have to have a burger, skip the mass producers that rely on factory farming, an extremely cruel and inhumane method of producing animals for food, and buy from a certified humane farmer that allows animals to live natural lives until they slaughtered in, hopefully, more humane conditions.

Better yet, don’t eat meat. Burgers have been linked to several forms of cancer, heart disease and other health problems. Instead, choose the veggie burgers. Mr. Ed will thanks you

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