Eat Cigarettes – Spare a Pig

The pork industry has certainly been pushing its products, especially bacon. I was recently at a restaurant that seemed to offer bacon everything, including a maple bacon sundae. They called their everything bacon a “baconalia,” which conjures up images of the ancient Bacchanalian festivals complete with debauchery and plenty of alcohol. Perhaps the over-indulgence of the latter is an accurate metaphor for the former.

One has to wonder why a food chain would so heavily promote a product that relies on animals raised in such cruel and inhumane conditions, not to mention the undeniable link between eating pork; especially bacon, with cancer and heart disease.

A recent European study, entitled “Meat consumption and mortality – results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition” concluded that: “Significant associations with processed meat intake were observed for cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and ‘other causes of death’.”Lest there be any question, bacon was one of the processed animal products that was specifically mentioned.

Similar findings have been reported in a number of other studies, including some from the United States.

So why do these restaurant chains want to compromise your health? In a word – profit. If they can make a dime, it doesn’t matter who suffers, be it man, animal, or even the environment that is degraded by factory farming operations.

The way we see it, if your ultimate goal is to develop cancer and heart disease, why not just eat cigarettes instead of bacon? The health risks would be the same, but the unimaginable suffering of the animals who are turned into bacon would be lessened.

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