It Came From Inner-Space

Fit for a low-budget Sci-Fi film, the mysterious exploding poop is making its way to a city near you soon. Mysterious gray foam has been emerging from the bowls of the earth, where a spark or open flame can set it off with disastrous results. There have been about a half-dozen explosions, including one that leveled a barn and killed 1,500 pigs.

Where does this foul substance come from? Factory farming operations of course. When factory farms are not contaminating groundwater, polluting the atmosphere, or causing extreme pain and cruelty to the animals raised, they are generating the deadly foam that collects in man-made pits and lagoons, a necessary evil because the earth is not able to absorb the toxic waste in such huge amounts.

Why it exists is still a mystery. Some theories are that the food the pigs are being fed; leftover distillers grain, produces ethanol, which is trapped in the excrement –making it a ticking time bomb of sorts. Others say it may be the result of antibiotic overuse that destroys natural bacteria in the pigs’ digestive systems that might otherwise neutralize or diminish the hazard. Always one to fight fire with fire, factory farm operators are now dumping still more antibiotics into the poop-soup to try and neutralize it.

Why this is allowed to continue, or was able to be created in the first place, comes down to Big Ag and its unquenchable thirst for profit above all else. This is an evil that knows no limits and is as equally disgusting as the exploding poop it produces. Don’t expect the government to address the problem – it won’t. Only you can stop it by not eating animals or, if you must eat animals, buy them from farmers who raise and slaughter them under humane conditions.

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