Just Who is the EPA Protecting?

In school we were taught that government agencies were supposed to protect the people and we naively believed it. But more and more, those agencies are protecting the corporations. Apparently government has bought into the claim that corporations are people too, and because they have more money and political clout that John Q Citizen, the rights of ordinary people are on their way out.
It has long been established that factory farm operations are one of the biggest contributors to both air and soil contamination. Intensive farming results in waste that is too extensive to be absorbed into the soil; like it is on a real farm, so massive waste pits have to be built, and these pits leak, overflow and burst, releasing tons of toxic waste into our rivers and ground water.

According to the New York Times, the E.P.A.’s own studies “have shown that agricultural runoff is the leading cause of impaired water quality. The amount of manure produced by factory farms is staggering. The agency estimates that those operations create between 500 million and 1 billion tons of manure, three times as much waste as humans produce in the United States.”

You would think an agency that is supposed to monitor industrial pollution would do something about it, but despite continual evidence that laws are being ignored or broken, agencies like the EPA apparently feel that factory farm operators can police themselves, so are leaving them alone and letting the public live with the consequences.

What can we do to protect ourselves? Unfortunately, not much. But we can at least make a difference by not eating animal products that come from factory farms. Either give up eating animals, or if you must, buy from only certified humane producers who follow traditional farming methods.

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