EPA – What A Waste

The name Environmental Protection Agency seems impressive. A government agency that will protect the environment, including our air, land and water, and ultimately the health of the American people. But apparently the EPA doesn’t feel factory farm operations fall into the same category of industry as say, mining or auto manufacturing.
And so an industry under the guise of being an agricultural endeavor, one that produced more greenhouse gasses than all the automobiles on the road, pollutes our groundwater with animal waste that often results in massive fish kills and “dead zones” in the oceans, and is responsible for creating super-strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria, goes essentially unregulated.
It’s anyone guess (maybe) why the EPA won’t apply the same standards of regulation to factory farms as other industries, but it probably has to do with the influence Big Ag has on our government, in other words, Big Ag dictates what the government will do, not the other way around, which begs the question why do we need the EPA at all?
Government is not looking out for our health and well being, at least not when it comes to factory farming operations and the well-being of the environment, workers, public health, and let us not forget the animals that have been reduced to mere machines that produce meat.
The simple solution to the problem is to stop eating meat, but it’s not an easy solution with so many people addicted to eating meat.
You can do your part. If you can’t stop eating meat then start by reducing meat consumption, not supporting fast food restaurants that rely on factor farms as a cheap source of meat, and only buying meat from certified humane producers that have “real” farms. As a consumer you have the power to do what the EPA can’t, or won’t do – protect our environment and health.
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