Nebraska Farm Bureau Calls the Kettle Black

The Nebraska Farm Bureau is upset with a new Chipotle advertisement that is designed to get people to think about where the meat they eat comes from. Despite the fact that 99% of the meat most Americans eat is produced by factory farming operations, where animals are tightly confined in often filthy conditions and live a life of misery, the Farm Bureau says the ad causes misconceptions about agricultural products and their methods.

While there are a few, the emphasis being “a few,” true farmers and ranchers who genuinely care about the land and the animals they raise, the vast majority of agricultural operations are really industrial in nature, with owners and operators unconcerned about animal welfare, the environment or workers’ right. Their only focus on how high the profits are. Mistreated or dead animals? Collateral damage in the profits war.

Despite its claim that the industry is for the most part an open and honest one, the Farm Bureau doesn’t mention the efforts this year to pass a law in Nebraska that would have made it a felony to expose animal cruelty on farms, the so called “ag-gag” laws. Fortunately, the bill, which the Farm Bureau supported, failed.

It is certainly ironic that an ad which attempts to expose the cruelty of factory farming is being criticized by an organization that supported a law to prevent farm animal cruelty from being exposed. What have you got to hide Nebraska Farm Bureau? Do you really represent the few family farmers left standing, or are you in the pocket of Big-Ag?

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