See No Evil – The Quanah Way

A new undercover video by Compassion Over Killing has exposed gross animal cruelty at the Quanah Cattle Company in Kersey, Colorado. Young calves, some still with their umbilical cords attached, were shown to be dragged, kicked and cruelly treated by Quanah employees. The video showed the animals were clearly in distress and some even died, although the exact reasons are not presently known.

Quanah Cattle Company has succeeded in giving a black eye to every Colorado cattle rancher, even those who truly care for their cows and who respect our duty to care for God’s creation.

Equally as disturbing are studies that show those who abuse animals are much more likely to abuse family members, including spouses and children. Animal cruelty is a crime that extends far beyond the farm, but those who perpetrate these crimes are seldom caught and rarely punished.

Ironically those in the agricultural business are trying to make it a crime to expose animal cruelty though undercover operations. As opposed to trying to correct the problem it seems they are more intent on preventing the problem from being discovered in the first place. See no evil.

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