In the Belly of the Beast

Rolling Stone just released an online article that details the horrors of factory farming and the brave souls who go undercover to expose the cruelty that food producers want to keep hidden.

Undercover workers, who love animals, have to endure the gut-wrenching reality of some factory farm workers intentionally and maliciously abusing animals before they can expose the operation as demonstrating a pattern of cruelty that could result in criminal charges versus just a single isolated incident, which might only result in a slap on the wrist.

Although the food industry claims it has humane policies in place and that it doesn’t tolerate animal cruelty, these claims are always made after one of their suppliers has been caught in the act. The industry does little, if anything, to check the situation out beforehand, or even while these contractors are working for them, instead relying on a “don’t ask don’t tell” mentality.

Rather than taking steps to try and stop the often sadistic actions of some factory farm employees, the industry has been working to prevent undercover workers from exposing the truth. Industry efforts in some states have already made it a crime for someone to take an undercover job at a factory farm. In other words, if animal cruelty is found and exposed, it is the undercover person who is charged with a crime.

In other states the industry is trying to pass laws that would require undercover workers to immediately report the first incident of abuse sighted, rather than waiting until a full investigation can be completed. This would allow factory farm operators to claim that the abuse was a single isolated incident, fire the employee involved in the abuse, and get back to “business as usual.”

The only real way to stop this abuse is to vote with your fork. Don’t perpetuate the cruelty by eating animal products that come from factory farms. As restaurants where their meat comes from and if you are buying meat, only buy from certified humane producers who have pledged not to abuse animals.



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