Take Stock – Not. Stock Shows Promote Animal Cruelty

Every year fans of the National Western Stock Show gather round to enjoy the inhumane treatment of animals, taking pleasure in seeing animals roped, dragged and wrestled to the ground. This year even featured miniature bull riding, where a new generation of kids are introduced to sanctioned animal cruelty.

But it’s all in fun right? After all, when the show ends it’s off to slaughter for some of the “entertainment,” so if they are going to be killed anyway, why not have fun with them?

Stock shows might have had their place once, before it was conclusively demonstrated that the non-human animals can and do suffer.  Unfortunately these shows persist because some people see it as “man over beast,” a way to show that humans are superior to these powerful creatures that have been robbed of their dignity.

Those who watch these shows may claim they are spectators, but they are really participants in a gladiatorial event that should be ended a long time ago. Please don’t support animal cruelty. If you want entertainment involving non-human animals, go into the woods and see them as God intended, proud, spirited and free.

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