Sour Milk – The Truth is on the Horizon

The label of Horizon milk shows a happy cow, apparently jumping through the air in pastoral freedom. People who buy Horizon milk think they are getting an organic product raised by dairymen and women who care for their cows, but it is all white wash. The only thing Horizon cares about is green, and it’s not grass.

HorizonCows have been bred to become milk producing machines, ones that have to be milked four times a day, with many never leaving the pumping stations, at least not until they begin to run dry because of age and abuse. Those that do get to roam for all too brief periods of time aren’t let out until they have eaten their fill of a special feed called Total Mix Ration (TMR), hardly the clover and hay we think of when contentedly chewing cud.

One would think the USDA, a regulatory agency that includes in its vision “helping rural America to thrive” would be concerned about CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations) that cause an enormous amount of animal waste that gets into our air, soil and water, but when money talks, regulation walks.

Once a human is weaned they don’t need milk – period. Consumers have been seduced into thinking milk does a body good, but just the opposite is the case. Milk actually decreases the amount of calcium in our bones and milk consumption has been linked to cancers of the breasts, ovaries, and prostate.

Milk is simply not good for you. The same hype is used to promote milk as was used to promote tobacco. Remember back when smoking was “good for you?” Corporation continued to perpetrate this myth, even though they knew it wasn’t true. The same can be said for milk.

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