JBS – Just Bull S#%&

A meatpacker in Greely under contract with JBS, vowed to take steps to prevent animal cruelty after its employees shot a downed cow six times while trying to kill it as the cow struggled to save its life. The workers finally killed the creature – what heros!

While JBS in Greely was caught this time, there is no way of knowing what other incidents of cruelty might have previously occurred at its facility. It is hard to believe that up until the the shooting its employees were perfect saints when it came to caring for the animals.

At a time when agriculturally backed politicians are pushing for “ag-gag” laws that would make it a crime to expose animal cruelty one has to wonder just how sincere the vows of JBS and other factory farm and processing facilities really are. After earlier JBS animal cruelty was exposed on one of its producer’s farms in Iowa it stated: “JBS is dedicated to responsible animal agriculture and does not condone or tolerate animal cruelty.” Its dedication apparently did not last long.

According to the company “JBS has established animal welfare programs that promote accountability and transparency to ensure the humane treatment of animals throughout every stage of the animal’s life.” Yet companies like JBS are the very ones pushing to make it illegal to videotape animal cruelty on their industrialized factory farms. So much for transparency. Its all Just Bull S*%#.

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