GMOs Cause GMPs (Genetically Mutant Pests)

Corn that was genetically modified to produce a toxin that allegedly would make it resistant to corn rootworms has instead created a new super strain of rootworm that isn’t fazed by the poison, and as a result farmers are now having to use more pesticides to battle the rootworm than they did before the introduction of the genetically modified corn.

In speaking with farmers, Michael Gray, a University of Illinois entomologist found that nearly half of corn and soybean growers said they would continue to plant modified seeds but would also apply insecticides. Prior to the introduction of the modified corn only twenty percent of farmers  were applying insecticides to their corn crops according to Gray.

corn rootwormIncreased use of pesticides can poison smaller insect eating animals, which are then eaten by larger animals in the food chain that may become ill or die. Pesticide residues leach into the soil where they can remain for years and these chemicals find their way into our water supply, including rivers, lakes and oceans, which can result in massive fish kills. It’s a high price to pay for an ear of corn.

This is another Monsanto created an environmental nightmare that every one of us, except Monsanto, will be paying for, both in terms of our health and our wallets. Unfortunately the EPA, a governmental agency that is supposed to be looking out for the environment is too afraid or unable to take on Big Ag.

Twenty-six countries have banned GMOs in order to protect their citizens and their environment, steps the U.S. is not willing to take if it means a loss of profits to multi-billion dollar corporations. We don’t yet know what the long-term effects of Monsanto based poisons will have on humans (let alone all life), as illnesses can take decades to manifest themselves and by then it’s too late. The only way to protect yourself, or at least minimize the harm, is to buy non-GMO  foods.

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