NRA – Shooting cats, dogs and birds OK.

Although this blog normally comments on ethical eating, this post is about the ethics of respecting the inter-dependent Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which We Are a Part (UUs 7th Principle).

nraThe town of Hegins, Pennsylvania has a traditional animal slaughter in honor of someone named Fred Coleman; whose importance is apparently lost to everyone unless you are from Hegins. The town rounds up pigeons from wherever they can find them, keeps them caged and then, each Memorial Day, lets them loose so gun toting nuts can blow them out of the air.

To try and put an end to this barbaric practice the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee recently considered a bill to ban target shooting of dogs, cats and live pigeons. Although the bill (H.B. 1750), passed by a vote of 10 – 4, the National Rifle Association is trying to stop the bill from getting to the Senate floor and is threatening lawmakers with retribution if they support it.

Can you image, the NRA wants people to be able to shoot dogs, cats and birds for the fun of it, or maybe it’s for their own protection. After all, if some dog is digging scraps out of your garbage what better way to protect your property then blow it’s head off.  It seems, according to the NRA, that stray dogs, cats and captured birds all require “a well regulated militia” to take care of the problem.

Once again the NRA flexes its muscle and bullies politicians into doing its bidding. The NRA apparently believes it is fun to have guns and it is fun to shoot things, who cares if those things suffer. And if you are someone who disagrees – watch out – or you may be the next person in its sights. Given the clear and convincing evidence that cruelty to animals begets cruelty to other humans, it seems the NRA is doing what it can to promote more school killings and more senseless violence.

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