Smithfield Foods – You Stink!

Drones – you either hate them or you love them, but drones flying over pig farms contracted by Smithfield Foods have documented efforts of eliminating the massive amounts of animals waste in a novel way – spraying it up in the air. Because lagoons, essentially large open cesspools, cannot contain all of the waste, the “farmers” spray it into the air in the form of a fine mist that can drift for miles onto other people’s property, settle on lakes and rivers, and just about anywhere the wind can carry it.

smithfield sprayOf course the animals living, if one can really call it that, on these factory farms are closely confined, often left to stand or lie down in their own waste, and suffer lung ailments from having to breath it all in. It is a life of deprivation and cruelty that Smithfield simply thumbs its nose at, probably to deflect the smell.

Addressing concerns that those who live in surrounding areas may suffer from respiratory problems because of the airborne “crap.” Kathleen Kirkham, a spokesperson for Smithfield states they (Smithfield) “strive to be good neighbors,” but striving and being are too different things, and with neighbors like Smithfield, who needs enemies.

If there was ever a reason to stop eating meat it is Smithfield. This company has a long history of animal cruelty and indifference and by purchasing their products you are not only contributing to animal cruelty, but environmental destruction as well.

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