Monsanto You’re Killing Me – Really

MonsantoMonsanto not only created the deadly herbicide Roundup, but then genetically modified crop seed to be resistant to it (Roundup Ready), so that when it was sprayed over large areas it would kill the undesirable weeds, but leave the crops unscathed. Or so it claimed. Evidence continues to mount that Roundup is linked to a variety of illnesses including cancers. And common sense would tell you that if a chemical kills something it is probably not good for you either.

Now the WHO (World Health Organization) has released a study in which suggests that field workers exposure to Roundup have an increased risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma and chromosomal damage. If you think “suggest” is weak evidence, keep in mind that it takes years to fully understand how carcinogens, particularly ones that accumulate slowly over time in our bodies, will manifest themselves in the future.

Poison resistant crops account for 94% of soy beans and 89% of corn grown in the United States. Soy and corn are everywhere in our food. A 2012 report from the Environmental Working Group reports that on average Americans consume an estimated 193 pounds of genetically engineered food per year, so unless you are buying organic, or growing your own, you are likely consuming some of the toxins.

Yes, organic food may cost more at the cashier’s, but in the long run it may actually cost less by avoiding potentially life-threatening illnesses and costly medical treatments.

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