Milk – It Doesn’t Do Any Body Good.

milkDespite claims that “milk does a body good,” studies have shown that the only animals that benefit from cows milk are – baby cows. Aside from being high in cholesterol, some studies have shown that drinking cows milk actually decreases bone density in humans and can contribute to fractures rather than preventing them as the milk industry would like us to believe. It is reported that animal milk actually leaches calcium out of our bones.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine notes that women who drink three or more glasses of milk a day increase their risk of hip fractures by 60%. And it’s not just bones we should worry about. PCRS notes that which each daily glass of milk your mortality rate increases by 15%.

“But what about Vitamin D” you ask? Well Vitamin D – which is actually a hormone not a vitamin – rarely occurs naturally in food, including milk and milk products. It is a government requirement that milk be supplemented with Vitamin D, so the hormone is coming from the added supplement, and not the milk.

Milk consumption has also been linked to prostate cancer, and of course we need to consider that most milk contains the residues of growth hormones and antibiotics. But setting aside the health risks for a moment, drinking milk is plain cruel. Cows are continually artificially inseminated so they will produce milk, they have been breed to have udders so large that it can make it difficult to comfortably move, and calves are taken away from their mothers only days after they are born, leaving both mother and offspring in distress.

The real motto should be “Milk, it doesn’t do any body good.”

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