Nuns Kick Nasty McDonald’s Habit

The Nuns Have It

The Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of Boerne have an interesting habit. They have formed the Coalition for Responsible Investment whose mission is to use “the power of stock ownership to raise critical issues of our day with management, workers, boards of directors and the public.”

nunssmAs shareholders in McDonald’s, they are using their golden halos to go after the golden arches. Although McDonald’s promised to phase out antibiotic use in its poultry, no such promise was made about beef and pork and the sisters are ready to rap the knuckles of corporate managers over it.

Says Sr. Susan Mika: “We question why this important commitment isn’t also being applied to the beef and pork they source, as hamburgers are a mainstay of McDonald’s business. This double-standard makes no sense to us.”

Their message came nun too soon, with several recent news releases about overuse of antibiotics in factory farm animals and the dangers it is causing for humans and the environment, to say nothing of the harm it causes to the animals themselves. Swing out Sisters!

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