Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat LogoBeyond Meat offers an animal free meat substitute for ground “beef”, burgers, meatballs and “chicken” strips. Made from pea and soy protein the results are non GMO products that contain no pesticides, antibiotics or animal excrement (a Consumer Reports investigation found that of the 458 pounds of beef purchased in supermarkets all contained some level of bacteria that signified fecal contamination).

The products also bypass the bad cholesterol found in animal based meats, as well other things most of us don’t want to consume such as hormones and added chemicals like nitrates and nitrites, which have been linked to certain forms of cancer.

If you are looking to reduce your consumption of beef and chicken but can’t bear the thought of giving up the texture and flavor, Beyond Meat products are certainly worth a try. And, according to many carnivores, is indistinguishable from the real thing. Besides, who eats beef or chicken au natural?  The vast majority of us add ketchup, spices, or some other sort of relish to liven up our dishes.

So put your “Meatless Monday” plan into action. To see how Beyond Beef products are made you can visit the Beyond Meat website, surf their menu, find a store close to you (most major supermarkets carry their products), and if you sign up for their newsletter you can even get a $1 off coupon to try one of their products.

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