Tyson CEO Buries Head in Sand

“Antibiotics must be used judiciously in humans and animals because both uses contribute to the emergence, persistence, and spread of resistant bacteria.” So says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), but Tyson’s CEO Donnie Smith isn’t buying it. “I’m not sure any of the science I’ve reviewed points to a straight connection.”

DonnieSmithAnd of course what the World Health Organization (WHO) know? “The use of immense quantities of antimicrobials in food production and the unintended wide release of antimicrobials into the environment through animal and human sewage and runoff water from agricultural sites has public health consequences, most clearly seen in resistant zoonotic bacteria associated with foodborne disease in humans.” No connection, right Donnie?

Almost laughable if it weren’t so cruel, Smith thinks it would be inhumane not to give his chickens antibiotics to prevent them from getting sick, apparently oblivious to the reason why chickens are getting sick in the first place – they are forced to live in tightly confined environments walking in their own excrement. Think about that next time you reach for a drumstick.

Tysons, like many other industrial animal production corporations, only care about one thing – profit. If chickens suffer, or if you get an infection that can’t be cured because you’ve contracted drug resistant bacteria that antibiotic abuse created, that’s not their problem. And don’t look to our government for help. It would rather use taxpayer money to try and find cures than try and prevent new strains of disease from developing.

Nope. No proof. Drug resistance? Just a coincidence; again, and again, and again.

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