Through A Glass Darkly

“I want to be crystal clear that neither myself nor the Alliance (the Animal Agricultural Alliance) condones any willful mistreatment of animals.”

130423m-farm-mutilationThat is how an article in the “Ag Gag” section of Meating Place (an industry magazine) begins. Industrial agriculture, or factory farming, is one of the cruelest money making machines on the planet, and the exploitation is not only the animals, it’s the laborers, the environment and public health.

How can anyone assert that raising animals in closely confined quarters, dosing them with antibiotics to prevent infection, cutting off beaks and tails, burning off horns, breaking off teeth and castrating animals without anesthetic and finally packing terrified animals into trucks to take them to slaughter isn’t willful and isn’t mistreatment? It defies common decency, something most, if not all, factory farm operators sorely lack.

But while they don’t “condone” mistreatment, instead of telling industrial animal manufacturers how to properly care for their animals, they tell them how to avoid getting caught abusing animals with such chestnuts as “Make sure all employees know how to handle unexpected visitors. Always verify their identity and do not be afraid to ask for ID or credentials.”

Industrialized animal agriculture, as if animals are merely something that are gown like an ear of corn, is a cruel and inhumane enterprise that has no concern for what it produces aside from having the animals live long enough to get them to slaughter. Think about where you meat and dairy come from. Is the pain, suffering and cruelty of the animals really worth the cost of eating something that is arguably not healthy for you to begin with.

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