What’s Wrong with Eating Meat – Let Me Count the Ways

Studies have time and again shown that not eating meat, or at least reducing your consumption of meat, have added benefits for your health that include a lower risk of cancer and a longer life span.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 3.09.52 PMAn article in Collective Evolution written by Arjun Walia suggests nine things that happen when you stop eating meat. These include:

1. You’ll Help Protect The Environment
2. You’ll Greatly Reduce Your Chances Of Getting Type 2 Diabetes
3. You Will Get The Right Type, And The Right Amount Of Protein
4. You’ll Be Living A More Compassionate Lifestyle
5. You’ll Reduce Inflammation In Your Body
6. You Will Lower Your Blood Cholesterol
7. You’ll Give Your Gut A Makeover
8. You’ll Live Longer
9. You’ll Change How Your Genes Work

Walia’s article explains how avoiding meat consumption influences each of the above nine items and is worth a read whether you eat meat or not. If you want to help protect our environment, live a healthier lifestyle, ensure that we will still have fish in the ocean thirty years from now, or all of the above, consider a meat free or reduced meat diet.

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