Finally Something Decent on the Ballot

yes-on-3Yes on 3, a Massachusetts grassroots effort by Citizens for Farm Animal Protection, is working to prevent cruelty to farm animals raised for human consumption such as veal calves, pigs and egg-laying hens, where these animals are typically confined to small crates or cages their entire lives.

Confinement is not only immensely cruel; it also results in heavy concentrations of animal waste, the proliferation of diseases that can spread to humans, and the over-use of antibiotics used to prevent infections (as well as increase weight) and which have been shown to increase antibiotic resistance in humans.

Activists and supports have placed Question 3 on the November ballot where: “A ‘yes’ vote supports this proposal to prohibit the sale of eggs, veal, or pork of a farm animal confined in spaces that prevent the animal from lying down, standing up, extending its limbs, or turning around.”

How could any decent human being be against that?

But when it comes to industrialized food production decency is not in its vocabulary. Those opposing efforts to stop animal cruelty include United Egg Producers, the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, the Animal Agriculture Alliance, National Pork Producers Council, the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, National Association of Egg Farmers, Massachusetts Farm Bureau, New England Brown Egg Council, and the Retailers Association of Massachusetts.

Placing profits over concern for caring for God’s creatures is morally and ethically wrong, but in this particular election year it’s sadly par for the course.

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