Cut The Cheese

Nothing makes someone break their diet faster than a slice of cheese pizza. Wonder why?

According to research cheese contains casomorphins, morphine-like compounds that attach themselves to our brain’s opiate sensors, triggering feelings of well-being. And that’s what nature intended casomorphins to do.

When you think about it, the only source of food for infant mammals is milk, and if milk didn’t contain something that was pleasing to infants they wouldn’t drink it – end of species. And cheese is made of…you guessed it – milk.

Of course ions ago the primary source of milk was an infant’s mother and thus the supply of milk, and casomorphins, eventually dried up so to speak. We hadn’t advanced to the point where we could take milk from other mammals or even engineer other mammals to produce large quantities of the stuff.

Although thousands of years have passed, our basic survival instincts still react to casomorphins, even though we don’t need dairy products for adult survival. Dairy fat may have its purpose for infants, but not for adults, where it can clog our arteries, not to mention exposing us to hormones, antibiotics and certain pesticide residues.

So this is one time cutting the cheese in a crowd sense.

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