Who Needs Nibiru? We’re Destroying the Earth Already Thank You

September 23, 2017 has come and gone, and despite numerology and Biblical prophecies we survived – or have we?

Our insatiable consumption of meat is accelerating the Sixth Mass Extinction, causeing animals species to disappear entirely, even those that have (or more accurately had) yet to be discovered.

Prof Patel, of the University of Texas at Austin, said: “The footprint of global agriculture is vast. Industrial agriculture is absolutely responsible for driving deforestation, absolutely responsible for pushing industrial monoculture, and that means it is responsible for species loss. We’re losing species we have never heard of, those we’ve yet to put a name to and industrial agriculture is very much at the spear-tip of that.”

Patel notes that “dead zones” in the ocean caused by fertilizer and pesticide residues, rainforest deforestation to make way for raising cattle and the crops to feed them, and modern agricultural methods – including factory farming, are destroying the ecosystem as we know it on a historic level.

And, unfortunately, there is not much we can do about it. An ever increasing population, the unsustainable demand for meat, and a profit-driven agricultural industry are doing what Nibiru didn’t, and that is wiping out the planet.

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