Sugar – How Sweet It Isn’t

For years there has been speculation that sugar, a substance we consume every day, and commonly hidden in many of  the processed foods we consume, is linked to cancer.
Researchers from Belgium have found that yeast with elevated levels of glucose (a common sugar) overstimulated proteins that are often found in the cancerous tumors of humans. These proteins can make cells grow out of control; what is commonly referred to as tumors.
Scientists even have a name for this uncontrolled growth; the “Warburg effect,” where tumor cells produce energy through a rapid breakdown of glucose that is not found in normal cells. Sugar helps to feed this energy.
Should we skip the Gummy Bears and soft drinks to prevent cancer? The jury is still out on that one and more studies are needed, but sugar in general is not good for our waists, our teeth, or our metabolism, so this Trick-or-Treat you might want to think about switching to apples or popcorn balls – just not the caramel kind.

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