The Myths of Meat

There are a lot of myths surrounding human consumption of animals but the reality is you don’t need meat. Take a look in the mirror and see how you are built. Then think about your anatomy and how ill prepared it is to capture an animal, kill it, tear it apart and then eat it. You weren’t designed with claws, fangs nor is your digestive system designed to efficiently process meat. For more about why you just aren’t designed to eat animals click here.

Here are some common myths about eating animals.

  1. You gain the characteristics of the animal you eat. This is a popular belief in some cultures that eating certain animals empowers the carnist with the traits the animal had while still alive; such as strength, longevity or even sexual prowess. Common sense tells us this is patently false; the only animal that needs a bear paw is a bear.
  2. Pork is “the other white meat.” Despite industry trickery, pork is a red meat and may actually be more harmful than beef because of pork’s high iron content. Excess iron in the body increases the risk of cancer and heart attacks.
  3. You need animal protein. Numerous studies have determined a healthy diet without meat can provide all the essential protein our bodies need. Whole grains, vegetables and nuts are all excellent sources of protein